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Alvin Irby: one person changing the world

Alvin Irby: one person changing the world
Alvin Irby: one person changing the world

Imagine a typical day at a barbershop. A man is getting a haircut, and then - bam! - his first-grade student walks in. The boy is clearly nervous, fidgeting in his seat. And then a brilliant idea comes to the teacher's mind: what if he used this time to instill a love of reading in the child?

That's exactly how the "Books in Barbershops" project was born five years ago. Its founder, Alvin Irby, is not just a teacher, he is a true hero of our time. Over the years, he has inspired hundreds of people across the country and helped tens of thousands of children discover a passion for learning.

How does the project work? It's simple. "Books in Barbershops" partners with barbershops in predominantly black neighborhoods, where books are not always readily available. In these locations, the organization installs bookshelves filled with colorful book covers. Children who come to the barbershop with their dad or friend can choose a book they like and enjoy reading.



But that's not all! Alvin Irby doesn't just give away books. He teaches barbers how to encourage children to read, how to ask them questions about what they've read, and to share their own experiences. After all, for many boys, especially those who grow up without fathers, a barber can become a real friend and mentor.

"Less than 2% of teachers are black men," says Irby. "Black boys don't see black men reading." The "Books in Barbershops" project is changing that. It shows kids that reading is cool, that it's not only useful, but also enjoyable.

And you know what? It's working! In five years, the "Books in Barbershops" project has donated 50,000 books to more than 200 barbershops in 24 states across the US. And this is just the beginning! Alvin Irby has no plans to stop there.

His story is a story about how one person, driven by their passion, can change the world for the better. It teaches us that we don't have to wait for help from outside forces. The power of the global community sometimes lies in the hands of one person.



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