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Animal sciences grandma

Animal sciences grandma
Animal sciences grandma

Angela Davidson, a grandmother, has achieved her long-awaited goal of graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Liverpool, nearly 60 years after she first began her studies.

Angela initially enrolled in the university in the 1960s but paused her studies due to her pregnancy. At that time, she was one of only six women in her field, reflecting the gender demographics in higher education during that era. Decades later, she returned to complete her degree.


Her graduation ceremony was notable not only for her personal accomplishment but also for the changed composition of the class. The current veterinary class at the university consists of approximately 200 students, with about 80% being women. This change over time aligns with global trends in higher education and gender representation in various professional fields.

Angela’s story, while unique to her life circumstances, intersects with broader themes related to lifelong learning and the evolution of societal norms regarding education and gender roles. Her graduation is a reflection of these changes and the opportunities now available in higher education.

The University of Liverpool, in acknowledging Angela's completion of her degree, illustrates the ongoing commitment to education and personal growth that transcends age and time. This commitment is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3, which advocates for good health and well-being, encompassing mental and intellectual wellness through lifelong learning.


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