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App invented to connect people to collect plastic on mountains

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App invented to connect people to collect plastic on mountains

Global 2000's app Dreckspotz aims to bring the data on plastic waste in the mountains up to date and raise public awareness.

Plastic waste can now also be found in the mountains. The University of Innsbruck has taken up this issue and as part of a three-year research project together with the littering app Dreckspotz, the situation in the mountains will be brought up to date.

"We are looking forward to the cooperation, because our research depends on the help of the population. Only together can we get an overview of the spread of plastic in the high mountains so that we can then identify targeted measures," Klemens Weisleitner from the Institute of Ecology at the University of Innsbruck tells Trendingtopics.

To collect the data, nature lovers, the Austrian Alpine Club, some schools and private individuals will hike through the high mountains with the app, save the findings in the app and dispose of the plastic waste. On Android and iOS, interested parties can download the Dreckspotz app free of charge. Through the collected data, a report is then produced annually by Global 2000.

"With the Dreckspotz app, we not only want to make nature cleaner, but also ensure that it stays that way in the long term. With this cooperation, we want to help ensure that more attention is paid to the alpine region, which is important for Austria. So far, more than 200,000 trash finds have been entered by Dreckspotz users. We are pleased that so many people are committed to counteracting the plastic problem," says Global 2000 expert Lisa Grasl to trendingtopis.

In addition to mapping and quantifying the trash in the mountain regions, the goal of this project is to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste among the public, and especially among young people, to connect the network, become a bigger group and achieve certain Sustainable Development Goals.


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