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Football players combat violence against women

Football players combat violence against women

Popular football players are banding together in the Western Balkans and Turkey to combat toxic masculinity and violence against women. Athletes from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey are challenging social conventions that uphold injustice. This is a joint initiative of UN Women Europe and Central Asia and the HeForShe project.

Addressing deeply rooted social practices that support inequality is crucial to ending violence against women. These football legends are speaking up about this issue because they understand that changing the way we think about masculinity is the first step toward real change. They do this to challenge the notion of what it means to be a male and to draw attention to the negative impacts that normalizing violence against women has on men and boys.

HeForShe is a movement for gender equality that calls on men and boys to take action for a more equitable world. It offers a focused platform where a worldwide audience may participate and promote the realization of gender equality in our lifetimes. The movement urges individuals from all around the world to come together as equal partners to create a shared vision of a world with gender equality and put those solutions into action.

By inviting men and boys to stand alongside women as advocates for gender equality, the movement seeks to dismantle patriarchal norms and stereotypes. The active involvement of men in addressing gender-based discrimination fosters a sense of shared responsibility and collective empowerment within society.

HeForShe's primary objective is to challenge gender-based discrimination and create a world where individuals of all genders have equal opportunities and rights. By amplifying the voices of men who support gender equality, the movement seeks to break down barriers and challenge harmful gender norms that limit opportunities for women and girls.

Through its global network, the movement advocates for policy changes, initiatives, and programs that address gender disparities.

By creating a global community of advocates, the movement fosters solidarity and mutual support, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. And by involving men as active agents of change, the movement has paved the way for meaningful progress in the fight for gender equality. As HeForShe continues to inspire individuals and communities worldwide, its impact on the global society's future will undoubtedly be profound and transformative.

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