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Free haircuts to give people a better chance in life

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Free haircuts to give people a better chance in life

It's crucial to take care of our appearance, both for others and for ourselves. In El Ejido, a municipality in the province of Almeria (Spain), the most destitute now have access to free haircuts because of Maria.

Everyone who can show they simply lack income or employment is eligible for free haircuts at Mara's hair salon. The phone hasn't stopped ringing since the hairdresser in El Ejido began this project. She's made it possible for many individuals to move via her chair.

Complimentary haircuts for the less fortunate

Maria is aware of the effort required to earn a living and maintain financial stability. The Almeria hairdresser worked while studying and did both at-home hair cutting and vegetable packaging. She finally opened her hair business in the summer of 2022 after much struggle.

Like with all beginnings, Mara added, "We are just getting started, and it is not easy." She is conscious of the fact that other people have it worse.

Maria is aware that there are still others who have it worse despite the fact that she has only been in business for a year and that her career journey is anything but simple. Because of this, she has decided to welcome more people into her salon and give those in need free haircuts.

In this approach, those who lack means or employment and can provide proof of their predicament are not charged at his salon. In reality, Maria admits, "I still have to deprive myself of many things because I know what it's like to have a hard time because it's happened to me.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing since she announced the new policy at her salon. The idea to offer free haircuts has received a lot of applause. Recently, a mother and her daughter visited this location "Maria says. "They had no options because they were immigrants. I cut their hair for them both.

Cuts for free in the future

A makeover or haircut can do a lot to improve a person's future in addition to their self-esteem. Maria recently cut the hair of a jobless woman who had been looking for employment for several months. She had been unable to visit the hairdresser for a while due to her lack of funds.

Maria, who knows this, says, "Changing one's looks is quite crucial when seeking for a job." Also, she established a project at her school while she was still a student, allowing her to assist others in need of change and improvement in their appearance. "To be a good hairdresser, you must be a decent person."

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference. A new jacket, a smile or a new haircut can make a new person right away and not only impress from the outside, but also boost the self-confidence. Financial scarcity can have major psychological consequences, especially for those affected. It's great to see that people from global society think and help their fellow human beings, so that their self-esteem is raised, and with their help, they may be able to get a job and back into society. In this way, work is also being done on four main goals of the Sustainable Development Goals and, in addition to strengthening well-being and reducing inequalities, the economy is also being boosted by reducing unemployment and thus poverty.


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