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Getting home: Community First! Village

Getting home: Community First! Village
Getting home: Community First! Village

In the outskirts of Austin, Travis County, a unique initiative has been silently reshaping the landscape of homelessness. Founded by the Mobile Loaves & Fishes charity in 2014, Community First! Village has evolved into a haven for those transitioning from homelessness.

The village, home to 200 formerly homeless residents, has grown beyond expectations. As of last year, new construction projects were initiated, signaling a remarkable expansion. Once complete, the village will accommodate almost 500 people, a significant stride towards addressing Austin’s chronically homeless population.


Community First! Village adopts an innovative approach to housing, incorporating 100 RVs and 125 micro-houses. However, it's not just about shelter. The village fosters a sense of community through features like community gardens, beehives, workspaces, and recreational areas. Residents actively contribute between $200 to $430 per month, often through employment opportunities generated within the village.

A significant milestone lies ahead, marked by the construction of an adjacent site to accommodate 2,000 tiny homes, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to expanding the village's impact. The new building projects, fueled by two $35 million windfalls – one from the American Rescue Plan and another from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation – are expected to conclude by the end of 2023.



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