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Global Society Institute Tarifa: cross-border dialogue initiative

Global Society Institute Tarifa: сross-border dialogue initiative
Global Society Institute Tarifa: сross-border dialogue initiative

On January 16, 2024, the Global Society Institute in Tarifa hosts an international working group event with academics and experts from Finland, Ireland, and Spain. The focus is on developing strategies for dialogue, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution in Europe's remote border areas, including the Arctic, the southern Mediterranean, and near Ukraine's eastern borders.

Participants engage in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at improving understanding and cooperation within the EU's border regions. These activities are designed to establish effective working processes for real-world application in cross-border cooperation.

The event, held at the Global Society Institute, a former naval control center overseeing maritime traffic in the Strait of Gibraltar, provides a venue for this international gathering. The institute's role in facilitating cross-border dialogue highlights its importance in contemporary geopolitical discussions.

This meeting serves as a platform for academic and cultural exchange, addressing challenges in border regions and fostering an environment for sharing innovative ideas and strategies. The Global Society Institute's commitment to facilitating dialogue and collaboration is evident in hosting this event, which emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in addressing global issues and enhancing peace and collaboration in Europe's border areas.

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