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jugendCreativ: where young voices unite for a greener future

jugendCreativ: where young voices unite for a greener future
jugendCreativ: where young voices unite for a greener future

Cornelius (10) and Matthias (8) from Germany submitted an animated film titled "Give Earth a Future'' to the jugendCreativ 2023 competition. Their film showcases two friends working to improve a polluted city by planting trees, cleaning up litter, and using bicycles. The jury appreciated their creative approach and focus on an important topic.

jugendCreativ has been fostering creativity in young people across the globe since 1970. This international contest provides a platform for young individuals to express themselves artistically while addressing significant global issues, encouraging them to become advocates for positive change. Each year, the competition introduces a new theme to spark creativity. The theme for 2023/24, "Give Earth a Future," invites participants to envision a sustainable future for our planet.

Organized by cooperative banks in Germany, France, Italy (South Tyrol), Austria, and Switzerland, the competition transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. It is open to schoolchildren, teenagers, and young adults up to the age of 20 from these five countries, offering a variety of participation formats:

●      Creating posters and placards to raise awareness and inspire action.

●      Developing comic strips that narrate compelling stories creatively.

●      Producing short films (up to 3 minutes) that propose innovative solutions for sustainability.

●      Participating in quizzes to test and expand knowledge on environmental issues.

jugendCreativ allows young individuals to delve into important environmental issues, unleash their creativity, and connect with peers globally. Participants can stretch their thinking, learn about environmental conservation, and share their ideas for improving the world. The competition acts as a large-scale forum for discussing how to create a brighter, more sustainable future, inviting contributions from young voices everywhere.


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