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Moud construction

Moud construction
Moud construction

Сlay, sand, straw, and waterIn - in the heart of India, a unique initiative is reshaping the landscape of construction, quite literally, with mud. Geeli Mitti, founded by Shagun Singh in 2016, is pioneering the revival of traditional building methods using sustainable materials.

As the world grapples with the environmental cost of concrete, which contributes between four and eight percent of global CO2 emissions, Geeli Mitti offers an alternative approach. The organization conducts workshops and hands-on experiences, breaking down the intricacies of natural building techniques.

In these lively workshops, participants of all ages are introduced to the art of constructing homes with mud, emphasizing the fulfillment and satisfaction it brings. The process involves understanding different soil types and mastering various building techniques. Fundamental components like clay, sand, straw, and water form the basis of their construction, creating structures known for natural ventilation and temperature control.

Shagun Singh, the visionary behind Geeli Mitti, envisions a shift back to more sustainable and eco-friendly building practices in India. The country, now the second-largest producer of cement globally, has seen a deviation from its traditional use of materials like mud, bamboo, lime plaster, or even animal dung.

The organization covers diverse aspects, including natural construction, different forms of farming, livelihood opportunities, and healthcare. Their workshops are designed not just to impart knowledge but to provide participants with a holistic experience of sustainable living. Shagun Singh advocates for small steps towards sustainability, urging waste segregation and skill development. Geeli Mitti envisions a lasting legacy with flood, fire, and earthquake-proof homes that stand for centuries.

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