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Natural sciences at the Global Society Institute

Natural sciences at the Global Society Institute
Natural sciences at the Global Society Institute

Mountains of paperwork and a person in a white lab coat endlessly peering into a microscope? If these are your associations with the words 'scientist' or 'researcher,' what comes to your mind next? Today, Dr. Teresa S. Catalá demystifies these stereotypes and sheds light on what truly happens behind the scenes of scientific research. What is always behind the scenes of scientific research, how many liters of water do scientists have to process, and how to balance research activities with motherhood? Watch it right now!

Dr. Teresa Serrano Catalá began her research career in 2007, characterizing dissolved organic matter (DOM) in aquatic environments using spectrophotometric techniques and participated in several international scientific cruises and projects. In 2016, she obtained her Ph.D. in chemical oceanography and published her research in several high-impact scientific journals.

Since 2017, she has focused her research on the potential benefits of marine dissolved organics for humans.

Since 2022, she has been a member of the Organisation for Science, Education, and Global Society as the coordinator for natural science projects that support the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Recently, Dr. Catalá published the results of her long-term research, ‘Bioactivity profile of dissolved organic matter and its relation to molecular composition’.

Youtube credits: @globalsociety_earth


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