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Opening of the Global Society Institute Tarifa

Opening of the Global Society Institute Tarifa
Opening of the Global Society Institute Tarifa

The official opening of *The Global Society Institute took place on September 29th in the Spanish city of Tarifa at the southernmost point of continental Europe. In order to emphasize togetherness and cooperation, this event brought together people from politics, academia, economy and the arts.

Dr. Teresa Serrano Catalá, Host of the Event and member of the institute's Research Board, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. She introduced them to the Institute's unique location, the Floating House.

The institute's inauguration celebrated global collaboration, marking the start of a promising journey to bridge cultures, foster cooperation, and harness diverse energies for our shared world's betterment. As the institute embarks on its mission, it inspires fresh perspectives and collaborations at the crossroads of continents, reinforcing the significance of international cooperation in addressing contemporary challenges and fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals.

The House Manager of the location, was presented with a special emblem symbolizing his role as the guardian of the place. Additionally, a unique sculpture was unveiled, symbolizing the profound concept of a global community — an earth that is in human hands.

The ceremonial opening was closed by Prof. Dr. Félix L. Figueroa, Director Institute of Blue Biotechnology and Development Malaga University, with Canarian Castanets and a strong Andalusian Guitar.

*The Global Society Institute empowers individuals to actively shape a sustainable global society through education, research, and cultural initiatives. It focuses on educating future leaders, conducting research on intelligence concepts, and supporting sustainability initiatives. The institute serves as a bridge between society, business, and politics, fostering acceptance and driving transformation toward sustainability.

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