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Reviving reefs

Reviving reefs
Reviving reefs

4ocean and Coral Gardeners have joined forces to launch the innovative "Restoration Collection," a Coral Adoption Program that aims to breathe life back into damaged coral reefs while tackling the urgent issue of ocean pollution head-on. This visionary initiative ensures that each bracelet from the collection, aptly named the "Restoration Collection," not only removes ocean plastic but also contributes to the planting of baby coral onto a distressed reef.

Crafted from the 30 million pounds of plastic retrieved by 4ocean, these bracelets go beyond mere accessories—they represent a powerful commitment to both coral restoration and the removal of 5 lbs of oceanic trash. Coral reefs, often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, are facing a critical threat due to climate change and human-induced factors, resulting in the loss of numerous reefs over the past three decades.

The Restoration Collection addresses this crisis through a coral adoption program, strategically planting specific coral species on the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia. What sets this initiative apart is the active engagement it offers to customers. Through regular Impact Reports and a live streaming underwater camera in the coral nursery, supporters can actively track the growth of their adopted coral, bringing transparency and a sense of direct involvement.

Handmade by skilled 4ocean artisans in Bali, utilizing 100% recycled ocean plastic cord collected by 4ocean captains and crews, each bracelet is a testament to sustainable craftsmanship. Featuring a recycled glass bead and secondary colors representing the planted coral, the name and color of each bracelet are inspired by five unique coral species available in the collection. Since 2017, 4ocean has been at the forefront of ocean cleanup, removing over 32 million pounds of plastic waste and debris from oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

Coral Gardeners, a nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to the cause since 2017, planting over 50,000 heat-resistant coral fragments across French Polynesia. With an ambitious mission to plant 1 million coral fragments globally by 2025, Coral Gardeners is committed to protecting and restoring the ocean.

The Restoration Collection comes with premier packaging on sustainable wood, a limited edition bracelet, a collectible information card with a frameable poster, a detailed campaign booklet, and a sticker. By wearing these bracelets, individuals not only make a bold statement in support of ocean conservation but actively contribute to the restoration and protection of marine life.

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