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Startup expands temporary and clean storage services

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Startup expands temporary and clean storage services

Startup “Greener Power Solutions“, based in Amsterdam, rents mobile batteries and its proprietary Enterprise Management System (EMS)-software to provide efficient and sustainable power for construction, event, and infrastructure projects.

The new batteries' increased capacity makes them suitable for events or infrastructure projects requiring autonomous deployment. They are also ideal for residential projects because they provide peace of mind and eliminate the need to run a diesel generator at night.

This new addition brings Greener's total battery fleet to more than 60 units, solidifying the company's position as the leader in mobile battery solutions. Greener intends to increase its fleet to 80 mobile batteries by the end of the year, as well as diversify its fleet with smaller and larger systems. These 20 new units have capacities ranging from 422 kWh to 318 kVA.

Greener achieved a total of 1 million liters of diesel saved with its mobile batteries last year. This success is being re-invested in, with five new employees joining the company since the start of the year, and the search for new enthusiastic talent continues.

Dieter Castelein, CEO of Greener Power Solutions, talks about the future of Greener:
"Before the end of this year, we plan to add more batteries to our fleet and further expand our activities outside the Netherlands. We are determined to continue our growth and further challenge the established off-grid and on-grid power markets."

Greener Power Solutions, has been transforming the temporary power market since 2018. It rents out mobile batteries with proprietary software to a variety of markets for various applications such as events, construction, EV charging, and grid reinforcement. Greener Power Solutions aims to increase the efficiency and sustainability of power supply for on-grid and off-grid projects through battery rentals. Greener has created its own planning, monitoring, and EMS software to fully optimize power supply. In this way, Greener accelerates the energy transition and its mission to reduce the carbon footprint of energy market.

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