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Teenage innovation: harnessing robotics for Alzheimer's care

Teenage innovation: harnessing robotics for Alzheimer's care
Teenage innovation: harnessing robotics for Alzheimer's care

An Indian teenager, Hemesh Chadalavada, driven by a personal experience with his grandmother Jayasree, who suffered from Alzheimer's, has invented the Alpha Monitor, a groundbreaking device aimed at improving care for Alzheimer's patients.

At 12 years old, Hemesh witnessed his grandmother forget to turn off the gas after making tea, a moment that propelled him to use his passion for robotics to create a solution for such dangerous situations. Jayasree's diagnosis and eventual passing from Alzheimer's in 2023 further motivated Hemesh's dedication to his project.

The Alpha Monitor, a badge-like device, is designed to alert caregivers if the wearer wanders off or falls. Hemesh developed this device considering the specific needs of Alzheimer's patients, taking into account the feedback from a care center run by Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India. Key design considerations included making the device lightweight and avoiding Bluetooth due to its limited range.

Hemesh's innovation was recognized at the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest in 2022, where he surpassed 18,000 entries to win a $120,000 grant and mentorship opportunities with Samsung engineers.  With his school exams concluding in March, Hemesh plans to focus on bringing the Alpha Monitor to market by September, with aspirations to continue his studies in robotics abroad.

This initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 3, emphasizing good health and well-being, by addressing the needs of Alzheimer's patients and improving their care through technological innovation. Hemesh's experience shows that personal motivation, combined with global support, can make a meaningful impact in healthcare and benefit society worldwide.




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