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Wireless-сharging roadway now in use

Wireless-сharging roadway now in use
Wireless-сharging roadway now in use

Last month, Electreon, a company specializing in infrastructure solutions, implemented the nation's first wireless-charging public roadway on 14th Street in Detroit, Michigan. The inductive-charging coils installed on this road actively charge electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with receivers as they navigate the road, demonstrating the company's commitment to advancing transportation technology.

This innovative technology represents a significant stride in overcoming challenges faced by EVs, particularly their limited range. The expanse of road between Marantette and Dalzelle streets has been transformed into a dynamic testing ground, serving as a living laboratory for Electreon's wireless-charging innovation.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of scientists and engineers tirelessly refines this wireless-charging technology, envisioning a future where EVs can traverse extensive distances without the inconvenience of frequent charging stops. This initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 9, focusing on Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.



Delving into the intricacies of Electreon's wireless-charging technology, it relies on inductive coupling between strategically positioned copper coils beneath the road surface and receivers mounted on the underside of EVs. Activation of the coils occurs only when a vehicle with an approved receiver is in close proximity, ensuring controlled and targeted energy transfer. This magnetic field-based technology facilitates wireless electricity transfer, whether the vehicle is parked (static charging) or in motion (dynamic charging).

The global impact of Electreon spans 18 projects in eight countries, from empowering buses in Israel to electrifying roads in France, China, Norway, and Sweden. Time Magazine's recognition of its wireless in-road charging technology as one of the world's top 100 inventions for 2021 underscores its pivotal role in advancing sustainable and innovative infrastructure.


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