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An app helps rural patients reach out to doctors in time

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An app helps rural patients reach out to doctors in time

A mobile application called "Caare" was created by Chandramouli Samatham, an MBA graduate from Ireland, in an effort to deliver prompt medical care to people in rural and distant places.

With the assistance of Registered Medical Practitioners, the app enables patients to communicate with doctors and discuss their medical conditions (RMPs). Patients can communicate with doctors directly through a telemedicine system without the aid of anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of healthcare services. However, the "Caare" incorporates the function of RMPs, who direct and aid patients in communicating their issues to physicians.

The CEO of Caare Healthtech Services Private Limited, Mr. Chandramouli, received praise from the zonal president of the Andhra Pradesh Community Rural Medical Practitioners' Association for his effort.

Using this software, doctors can make sure patients receive initial care before taking them to the hospital. It boosts patients' self-assurance. After issuing a brochure on the "Caare" app in Vizianagaram, Mr. Joshi declared that RMPs would refrain from experimenting with medications if they were guaranteed prompt and direct instruction from senior doctors.

According to Mr. Chandramouli, he created the app after noticing how difficult it was for many COVID-19 patients to communicate their conditions to doctors over the phone. "The app will benefit doctors as well as patients and RMPs. In order to provide patients with organized care, many doctors in the north Andhra region have partnered with us, according to Mr. Chandramouli.

Finding reliable and sustainable in-home care for the civil society is a problem that confronts everyone. Caare is an Indian consumer healthcare technology social enterprise working to address this problem. With the ability to enable telemedicine through the Caare app, community health workers in remote areas now have more access to healthcare. Through this method, global society improves the health care system in many rural regions and takes a step forward to achieve certain Sustainable Development Goals, like reducing poverty and promoting good health and well-being.

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