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The world is changing. In all countries, people in civil society are taking the future into their own hands.

They are taking action, joining forces and creating new innovations to shape the future in a sustainable way, and every day new ideas and solutions are emerging - out of desperation, hope, curiosity and courage.

This website presents the stories, progress and development of the people of the global society.

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The Age of Global Society

The Global Goals

Thank you for being interested in the people who are making the activities of the people of the worldwide global society visible.  


Correspondents who contribute to are volunteers. Publications are categorized into two types: reports and commentaries. Reports describe the activities of the global society in a descriptive manner, while commentaries, columns, and analyses allow correspondents to express their personal opinions in a judgmental form, placing topics within a broader context. It is important to note that the opinions expressed are solely those of the respective correspondents and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the entire team or the platform itself. Some correspondents prefer not to publish under their real names due to potential threats from individuals and groups that covertly or overtly oppose the goals of the United Nations and campaign against sustainable global development and peaceful coexistence.


Often, these threats come from minions of extremists and criminals, as well as political groups and parties that seek to maximize profits for specific groups. In such cases, publications are released under a pseudonym or one of the avatars, and special security measures are taken. It is also possible that some temporary or new correspondents may not be listed. 

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