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Non-Sustainable Development

This category shows the complexities of development practices that compromise the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

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Non-Sustainable Development

This category critically examines a range of activities that, while often driven by short-term gains, lead to long-term detrimental impacts on both local and global environments.

It explores the concept of unsustainable development—practices that exhaust natural resources faster than they can regenerate, threatening the future of all species. We highlight instances of destructive development, such as rampant deforestation and habitat destruction, which cause irreversible damage to ecosystems. The discourse extends to regressive development initiatives that obstruct progress toward global sustainability goals and exploitative development that benefits a select few at the expense of many, particularly in the exploitation of labor and natural resources.

Our analysis also addresses non-inclusive development strategies that overlook the needs and rights of marginalized communities, alongside irresponsible development that neglects long-term environmental and social impacts. We shed light on degenerative practices that deteriorate ecosystem and community health and scrutinize short-sighted projects focused only on immediate outcomes without consideration for future sustainability.

Furthermore, this category encompasses discussions on harmful development activities that directly endanger human health and the environment, as well as non-resilient development, which fails to create structures capable of withstanding environmental, economic, or social challenges.

These flawed practices get exposed in this category and stimulate a dialogue on their transformation towards sustainable alternatives. 

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