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Biomimicry in service of the global society

Biomimicry in service of the global society
Biomimicry in service of the global society

Ten years ago, Tarun Kumar, an information security specialist in Bengaluru, faced a problem with clogged sewage system in his residential complex. His goal was to create an efficient wastewater treatment system that required no maintenance, electricity, or chemicals. Kumar found inspiration in nature, specifically in the process of food digestion in cows, which led to the development of an innovative septic tank with four stages of treatment at his company, ECOSTP Technologies.

This method, based on biomimicry principles, uses anaerobic bacteria to treat wastewater without the need for electricity or chemicals, producing water suitable for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Kumar's project serves 235 clients across India, including residential complexes and industries, and proves that sustainable technologies can be cost-effective and efficient.

ECOSTP's work not only solves local wastewater treatment problems but also contributes to global efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 6, which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water resources for all. Kumar's initiative vividly demonstrates how individual efforts and entrepreneurship can contribute to improving the environmental situation and achieving sustainable development at the global level.

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