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CAMFED: When you educate a girl, everything changes

CAMFED: When you educate a girl, everything changes
CAMFED: When you educate a girl, everything changes

Imagine you're a young African girl living in a rural area.

You attended primary school, where you delighted in your studies and relished playing with your peers. However, you had to leave school when it came time to enter secondary school. You might be caring for younger siblings or elderly grandparents if one or both of your parents have passed away. Your large family lacks the resources to pay for transportation, meals, clothing, or school supplies. You must now work in order to support your family financially. You run the danger of experiencing physical assault, HIV/AIDS, early marriage, exploitation, and major difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth. Without education, you are deprived of the opportunity to realize your potential and permanently end the cycle of poverty. Then picture CAMFED stepping in to help you.

You are chosen by your neighborhood to receive financial and social support for your education, as well as mentoring from young women who understand your situation. The organization collaborates with parents, teachers, government representatives, and traditional authority to provide your entitlements as we take down the barriers to your education. The assistance is a package rather than a lump sum that enables you to enroll in school, succeed there both academically and socially, and maximize the value of your education once you graduate. You join the CAMFED Association of Women Leaders, and gain the knowledge necessary to launch a business, fill out a job application, or pursue higher education. You select whether and when to get married.

The power of CAMFED's mission is illuminated by a number – the average cost of supporting a girl through a year of high school in the rural areas where the organization operates: $150. This seemingly modest sum becomes profoundly meaningful when one realizes that these funds have the potential to uplift over 30,000 marginalized girls. This showcases the remarkable impact that can be achieved when collective efforts converge towards a shared goal. The funds are channeled to provide indispensable resources like school fees, uniforms, sanitary pads, and other essentials that often remain inaccessible for girls facing economic hardships.

Yet, CAMFED's influence extends beyond material provisions. Trained Teacher Mentors occupy a pivotal role in offering guidance and counseling to girls, addressing the multifaceted challenges they encounter within and beyond the classroom. This comprehensive support gains exceptional significance in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many girls are in danger of being permanently excluded from education. Through the well-structured initiatives of the organization, these girls receive holistic support, not only ensuring access to high school education but also nurturing their ability to thrive within it.

The organization's mission comes into focus when we consider the Sustainable Development Goal it encompasses: SDG 4 - Quality Education. CAMFED's work directly aligns with this goal, as it strives to ensure that every young girl, regardless of her background, has the opportunity to receive a quality education and break free from the cycle of poverty. Through targeted financial support, mentorship, and community collaboration, the onganiyation's efforts contribute to creating a more equitable and educated world for girls, where they can thrive and become agents of positive change in their communities.

By championing girls' education and dismantling the barriers that hinder it, the initiative emerges as a true catalyst for positive change. Through financial support, mentorship, and a holistic vision of empowerment, the organization ensures that no girl is left behind in the pursuit of education, agency, and leadership.

Educated women will reinvest 90% of their earnings back into their families, compared with 35% for men. They'll invest in their children's education and support their studies.

It costs on average $150 to support a girl through a year of high school in the rural areas where CAMFED works, meaning that the funds raised would be enough to support over 30,000 marginalized girls. Each CAMFED client – facing the risk of permanent exclusion from education due to the pandemic – receives the holistic support she needs to go to high school, learn and thrive.

CAMFED’s 27 years of experience partnering with girls and their communities have shown that poverty and low academic self-esteem are the biggest barriers to their education. Your donations have helped break down those barriers through the provision of school fees, required uniforms, sanitary pads and other essentials, combined with guidance and counseling from trained Teacher Mentors.

CAMFED's holistic programs support girls to go to school, learn, thrive, and become leaders and change makers in their communities.

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