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Pay what you can

Pay what you can
Pay what you can

At "The Long Table", there are no fixed prices. Instead, guests pay what they consider fair, based on their own means.

This approach allows individuals with limited budgets to access healthy and tasty food, while also offering those who can afford it an opportunity to support others by subsidizing meals.

"The Long Table" is not just a restaurant; it's a community built on the principles of mutual support and care for the planet. Located in London, it offers a "pay what you can" model, making delicious and healthy food accessible to everyone. The restaurant was founded in 2017 by Kate Smith and Katy Slater, two social entrepreneurs who wanted to create a space where people could gather, enjoy good food, and connect without worrying about their budget.

The menu changes seasonally and is based on fresh, local produce. The chef uses traditional cooking methods to create tasty and nutritious dishes, always including vegetarian and vegan options. "The Long Table" is part of a network of 50 "pay what you can" restaurants in 10 countries around the world. Also:

● Collaborates with 5 local charities.

● Annually recycles 3 tons of food waste.

● Has created 20 jobs for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"The Long Table" is part of a growing movement of "pay what you can" restaurants. These establishments demonstrate that business can be both profitable and socially responsible. The restaurant shows that delicious and healthy food can be accessible to everyone, and that business can be built on the principles of mutual aid and sustainable development, with each of us able to contribute, even in a small way.


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