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Aid for animals in the war zone

Aid for animals in the war zone
Aid for animals in the war zone

The war in Ukraine is not only a tragedy for people, but also a catastrophe for animals. Millions of pets have been abandoned, lost, or injured.

In this difficult situation, the global society is uniting to help animals affected by the war. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is one of the organizations playing a key role in this rescue operation.

IFAW works on several fronts:

●      Rescuing abandoned and lost animals: the organization works with local shelters and animal protection groups to find homes for abandoned animals.

●      Providing veterinary care: IFAW provides veterinary care for injured and sick animals.

●      Delivering humanitarian aid: the organization delivers food, medicine, and other essential supplies for animals in affected areas.

●      Protecting wildlife: IFAW works to ensure that the war does not harm wild animals and their habitats.

People from all over the world are mobilizing to support IFAW and other organizations helping animals. They donate money, spread information, and volunteer.

The power of unity of people of different nationalities, cultures, and views in this mission of mercy is inspiring. It demonstrates that even in the darkest times compassion and humanity can thrive.

Thanks to the support of the global society, IFAW has already achieved significant results:

●      More than 10,000 pets have been rescued.

●      Veterinary care has been provided to more than 5,000 animals.

●      More than 100 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered.

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy, but it has also become a litmus test for the global society. By uniting, people from different corners of the world demonstrate their ability to care for the most vulnerable creatures – animals, who cannot stand up for themselves.


Youtube credits: @ifawglobal


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