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Change from inside: Chief Sustainability Officers award

Change from inside: Chief Sustainability Officers award
Change from inside: Chief Sustainability Officers award

The inaugural Davos CSO Awards /24, organized by the Futur/io Institute, set the stage for an exceptional evening on January 15, 2024, at Berghotel Schatzalp, Davos. Coinciding with the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, this event recognized the pivotal role of Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) in Europe, who are steering corporate transformation towards sustainable and responsible business practices.


Harald Neidhardt, CEO and Curator of the Futur/io Institute, highlighted the awards' alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 17 which focuses on partnerships for the goals. The awards ceremony celebrated the achievements of top CSOs who have significantly contributed to advancing corporate sustainability.


Key highlights of the Davos CSO Awards /24 included the recognition of exceptional CSOs for their leadership and impact in sustainability, inspiring keynote speeches from eminent sustainability and business leaders, and networking opportunities for attendees to foster collaborations and accelerate sustainable transformation.


The Futur/io Institute, dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through technology and innovation, emphasizes the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices in achieving the SDGs. The CSO Awards /24 underscored this commitment by showcasing leadership and innovation in sustainable practices within European organizations.


The winners of the awards, selected by a Grand Jury of globally recognized sustainability leaders, demonstrated how sustainable practices can positively impact people, planet, and profit.


The CSO Awards /24 aimed to inspire European corporations to adopt bolder business models in line with sustainability. The event marked a significant milestone in corporate sustainability in Europe, highlighting the essential role of CSOs in transforming businesses for a regenerative economy.


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Photo credits: - Marc Stickler


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