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m2m's triumph over HIV

m2m's triumph over HIV
m2m's triumph over HIV

Operating in ten African nations, mothers2mothers (m2m) stands out for its impactful model, employing Mentor Mothers as community health workers. These individuals operate both at health facilities and in communities, delivering integrated primary health care services to diverse demographics. Importantly, this approach not only enhances community health but also creates meaningful employment opportunities for women living with HIV.

Unpacking m2m's commitment to SDG 5 (Gender Equality), this segment underscores the organization's female-led, peer-based model. By empowering women as community health workers, m2m not only advances health goals but also champions gender equality, emphasizing the crucial role of women in community well-being.

In 2022, m2m launched a robust strategic plan, leveraging its established female-led, peer-based model to provide comprehensive primary health care services. The primary objectives were to combat HIV, address associated health conditions, and reduce preventable deaths by one-third. In the inaugural year of implementation, m2m effectively demonstrated the plan's capacity to generate impactful outcomes on a broad scale, aligning seamlessly with their overarching mission of delivering healthcare to families in need, with a focus on the unique perspective of women.

Throughout 2022, m2m conducted 317,727 one-on-one health counseling sessions and 21,865 group education and counseling sessions at health facilities and various locations, fostering community engagement. Through their eServices, including the Virtual Mentor Mother Platform (VMMP) WhatsApp chatbot and Help Desk, m2m facilitated a remarkable 504,434 client engagements, providing essential support and information to those in need.

One of the noteworthy achievements highlighted in the factsheet is m2m's sustained success in virtually eliminating mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV among enrolled clients for nine consecutive years. The transmission rate stood at a mere 0.5% in 2022, significantly below the regional benchmark that had risen to 8.6% in recent years.

In 2022, m2m's direct services reached 413 communities and health facilities across 10 sub-Saharan African countries. This expansive outreach involved the employment of 1,283 frontline staff living with HIV, serving as trained, paid, professional, and supported community health workers. In total, 1,212,244 new and returning clients were reached through direct services, eServices, and technical assistance, successfully achieving 98% of the planned annual target.

Beyond the sphere of HIV, m2m actively contributed to preventing new adult infections, with only 0.45% of clients who were HIV-negative when enrolled in m2m’s program contracting HIV in 2022—a remarkable accomplishment for the third consecutive year, standing at 5.12 times lower than the global benchmark of 2.3%.

By combining in-person services with digital services, m2m significantly amplified its impact, reaching a diverse audience and effectively addressing health challenges. This holistic approach, detailed in the factsheet, underscores m2m's commitment to meeting or surpassing UNAIDS' ambitious 2025 targets, particularly in testing, viral suppression, and treatment access for clients living with HIV.

Beyond the sphere of HIV, m2m's multifaceted strategy extends to various health aspects, including consistent condom use, tuberculosis pre-screening, early childhood development services, and cervical cancer prevention programs. This comprehensive approach aligns with m2m's broader commitment to enhancing health and opportunities for women and families across sub-Saharan Africa.

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