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Google digs deeper

Google digs deeper
Google digs deeper

Google, in collaboration with Fervo Energy, has successfully initiated a groundbreaking geothermal project in Nevada, injecting carbon-free electricity into the state's grid to power Google's data centers. This innovative venture aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 7, focusing on Affordable and Clean Energy, contributing to the broader global agenda of sustainable practices.

The project taps into advanced geothermal technology, going beyond traditional boundaries by utilizing drilling techniques from the oil and gas industry. Google's early commitment to this enhanced geothermal approach underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy solutions.

The process involves drilling 8,000 feet into the desert plains, with an additional 3,000 feet extending horizontally. This cutting-edge approach harnesses the Earth's extreme heat from its core, creating steam to drive turbines and generate carbon-free electricity 24/7. The success of initial tests in July confirmed the viability of the technology, delivering the hypothesized 3.5 megawatts.

The collaboration with Fervo Energy has not only fueled Google's data centers but has also inspired further advancements in geothermal power. Fervo Energy, buoyed by the success, recently completed the drilling phase for a substantial 400-megawatt energy project in Southern Utah.

By emphasizing the unifying role of science across borders, this initiative contributes to the global community's collective benefit, highlighting the shared responsibility for a more resilient and interconnected world

Youtube credits: @Google


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