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Renewable energy giants boost independent and sustainable energy

Renewable energy giants boost independent and sustainable energy
Renewable energy giants boost independent and sustainable energy

Nordic renewable energy developer Landinfra Energy and the Eiffel Investment Group have joined forces to develop a pipeline of renewable energy projects in Sweden, boasting a combined capacity of 1.8GW. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards advancing UN Global Goal 7 - affordable and clean energy.

Eiffel has secured a 50% stake in this ambitious portfolio, while Landinfra retains the remaining half, showcasing a balanced and collaborative approach to sustainable energy development. The investment portfolio, managed by Eiffel Investment Group through Eiffel Infrastructure Vertes and Eiffel Transition Infrastructure, comprises 1.35GW of solar power projects integrated with energy storage capabilities.

Additionally, the portfolio includes 300MW of wind power projects and 140MW of stand-alone energy storage projects, emphasizing a diversified and comprehensive approach to clean energy generation.

With a substantial investment volume of €1.5 billion ($1.62 billion), these projects are poised to contribute significantly to the global effort for clean energy transition, aligning with the objectives of UN Global Goal 7. The anticipated annual generation of two terawatt-hours of green energy underscores the substantial impact of these initiatives on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Most of the ten projects within the portfolio are strategically located in Sweden's SE3 region, with the remaining projects situated in SE4, highlighting a geographically distributed approach to maximize energy production efficiency. Landinfra Energy CEO and co-founder Marcus Landelin expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to join forces with Eiffel to jointly develop a large-scale renewable energy portfolio."

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy capacity in Sweden, contributing significantly to the global goal of affordable and clean energy. The projects are currently in the development phase, with the first batch expected to commence construction by spring 2025, subject to permit acquisition. The transaction is pending approval from the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products, highlighting the regulatory diligence and compliance integral to such initiatives.

Eiffel Investment Group infrastructure head Pierre-Antoine Machelon commented, “We are very excited about this new partnership with Landinfra. This transaction will accelerate the deployment of additional renewable energy capacity in Sweden by bringing much-needed equity in the development phase of the projects and leveraging Landinfra’s strong experience in renewables development."

This partnership builds upon a previous arrangement in February 2023, where Landinfra and Taaleri Energia collaborated to develop 1.9GW of Swedish renewable energy projects. These projects, also hybrid in nature, combine solar and wind power with energy storage solutions, further exemplifying the commitment of industry leaders towards advancing clean energy technologies and practices.


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