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International Day of Zero Waste

International Day of Zero Waste
International Day of Zero Waste

The global society is facing a pressing issue: every year, humanity generates 2.24 billion tons of municipal solid waste, of which only a small fraction is responsibly disposed of. The forecast is grim: by mid-century, this figure could increase to 3.88 billion tons.

The waste crisis not only contributes to greenhouse gas emissions but also threatens urban ecosystems and biodiversity. 931 million tons of food waste are discarded annually, and by 2040, plastic pollution in oceans could reach 37 million tons.

In response to this challenge, the UN General Assembly in December 2022 declared March 30th as the International Day of Zero Waste. The goal: to emphasize the critical role of zero waste strategies in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

March 30th is the International Day of Zero Waste! It is our chance to say "no" to waste and take a step towards a clean future. How can we help?

● Reduce:

○ Avoid unnecessary purchases.

○ Use reusable bags and bottles.

○ Sort your waste.

● Reuse:

○ Use items repeatedly.

○ Make things yourself.

This is how the global society cares for the planet

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