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Pet detective bringing families together

Pet detective bringing families together
Pet detective bringing families together

Erica Hart, 44, stands out as a pet detective with a distinctive method of reuniting lost pets with their owners. By employing a thermal imaging drone, she has managed to locate 330 dogs, bringing them back to their families without ever asking for compensation. The inception of her volunteer work dates back to April 2018, following a gift of her first drone from her father. Quickly, she leveraged this technology to locate a missing schnauzer, setting the stage for a remarkable endeavor in volunteerism.

Erica has located cats, emus, cows, and has even supported mountain rescue teams in finding missing persons. Her commitment runs deep, being on call every day, including during the holiday seasons. Through her journey, Erica has navigated through 30 drones, emphasizing the pivotal role of community and altruism in overcoming challenges. Her efforts align with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Erica demonstrates how technology innovation in conjunction with individual dedication can have a substantial impact on the well-being of communities globally, promoting a culture of engagement and forward-thinking within the global society. Through her ongoing missions throughout the UK, Erica demonstrates the power of global unity in promoting a sustainable and forward-thinking society and highlights the possibilities of fusing compassion with innovation to bring about significant change.


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