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Driving poverty into extinction: RESULTS

Driving poverty into extinction: RESULTS
Driving poverty into extinction: RESULTS

RESULTS, not your typical charity, is a grassroots movement driven by everyday people passionate about ending global poverty, fostering access to education, health, and economic opportunities, and promoting the Global Goals.

RESULTS operates on a simple yet profound principle: that ordinary voices can influence political decisions and drive poverty into extinction. Since 1980, they've made waves in the political arena, with over 6,500 face-to-face meetings with members of Congress, 16,000 media pieces published, and a whopping 168,000 meetings and phone conversations with congressional staff.

One of their primary focuses is global education. They firmly believe that education is a right, not a privilege, advocating for programs and policies that ensure not only getting children into school but guaranteeing they receive quality education. This commitment has become even more critical during the pandemic, which has dealt a significant blow to education worldwide, particularly in countries grappling with the aftermath of colonialism, resource extraction, and unfair global lending policies.

At the heart of RESULTS is a diverse group of passionate, committed everyday individuals. These advocates don't just raise their voices; they undergo rigorous training, receive unwavering support, and find inspiration to become skilled advocates. Over time, they become adept at advising policy makers and guiding them towards decisions that enhance access to education, health, and economic opportunities.

These everyday advocates use their voices to change the world, whether it's altering policies to ensure millions of families can put food on the table or helping raise billions of dollars for the world's most vulnerable children. They understand the tremendous power advocacy holds and use it to reshape our global society.

RESULTS doesn't just stop at talking. They identify high-impact policy solutions to combat poverty and cultivate an advocacy movement that secures the political leadership, focus, and resources needed to get the job done. Their track record speaks for itself. They've changed dozens of government policies, helped pass critical legislation, and unlocked tens of billions of dollars in government funding to tackle poverty.

Yet, RESULTS goes beyond poverty; they are advocates for justice. They are committed to opposing all forms of oppression, from ableism to racism, and they pledge to create an inclusive space where all voices, including those currently experiencing poverty, are heard and valued.

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