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The power of unity: Voices Influencing Change

The power of unity: Voices Influencing Change
The power of unity: Voices Influencing Change

A collaborative effort by individuals who have faced poverty and homelessness in the Yukon has resulted in the creation of a compelling booklet aimed at raising awareness and advocating for change. The group, known as Voices Influencing Change, recently unveiled their publication, which delves into their personal backgrounds, ongoing work, and their vision for a poverty-free future.

Frederick 'Fritz' Andre, a key contributor to the booklet, emphasized the importance of amplifying the voices of those with "lived experience" to drive impactful change. "People with lived experience have a unique perspective that can significantly impact decisions related to social justice, housing, health, and more," stated Andre during a public event in Whitehorse marking the booklet's launch.

The booklet, titled "Voices Influencing Change: Our Story," not only narrates individual journeys but also outlines the group's collective efforts towards addressing poverty-related issues. It serves as a testament to their resilience and determination to create a more inclusive society where everyone's voice matters.

The initiative by Voices Influencing Change aligns with UN Global Goal 1 - No poverty, which aims to eradicate extreme poverty and ensure equal access to resources and opportunities for all. By sharing their stories and advocating for policy changes, the group contributes significantly to the global efforts aimed at combating poverty at the grassroots level.

Jack Bogaard, the founder of Voices Influencing Change, highlighted the power of collective voices in driving meaningful change. "With 32 voices, the power is 31 times more than my voice. That's huge," remarked Bogaard, emphasizing the strength in unity when addressing complex societal challenges like poverty.

The booklet not only serves as a platform for storytelling but also showcases the tangible impact of the group's initiatives, such as their involvement in consultations with government bodies on housing, health, and income support. Their contributions extend beyond discussions, as they actively engage with communities through educational sessions, outreach programs, and volunteering efforts.

Jason Charlie, another member of the group, shared his journey of overcoming adversity and finding purpose in helping others. "I wanted to set an example that no matter what life throws at you, nothing is impossible," stated Charlie, reflecting the resilience and determination shared by members of Voices Influencing Change.

As the booklet reaches a wider audience, it not only sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals experiencing poverty but also serves as a call to action for policymakers, community leaders, and the public to work together towards achieving UN Global Goal 1 - No poverty. Through collaborative efforts and inclusive strategies, Voices Influencing Change embodies the spirit of resilience and advocacy in the fight against poverty.

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