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Christmas lights work by cycling

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Christmas lights work by cycling

The capital of Hungary has made cycling its own strategy for coping with the unrest on the continent and the high cost of energy.

The city firstly avoids the additional expenses associated with high market pricing. And it does so in a way that is entertaining while promoting sports and green energy. In order for the tree to be completely illuminated, quite a bit of power is required, which draws lots of families to test it out.

Additionally, the bicycle also recharges a battery that powers the solar-powered lights in the square.

Assistance from the public

Budapest made the decision to simply display a portion of the previous years' Christmas decorations, and it appears that some locals supported this move. According to a local, "I think it's a wonderful compromise." By using lights to beautify cities at this time of year, the project also helps to retain the Christmas spirit.

Christmas and cycling season

All bike lovers adore the holiday season. This is the time of year when we treat ourselves or purchase the item we've been wanting so badly.

But the connection between Christmas and cycling goes beyond presents. The brilliant idea from Budapest is similar to some others we have seen in the past, such in Copenhagen in 2009 when a Christmas tree was also lit using pedal power.

The initiative makes people aware of the energy behind our way of life. We can experience how much pedalling it takes to light a six-metre high Christmas tree. You get a better sense of how electricity is generated, that it is not a commodity that is always available and not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have access to it, at all times. In addition, the global society learns about alternative sustainable forms of electricity generation. In this way, the SDGs are brought closer in a playful way.


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