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Student creates startup to turn fallen tree leaves into paper

Student creates startup to turn fallen tree leaves into paper

Meet Valentyn Frechka, a Ukrainian school student who has embarked on an extraordinary

journey of transforming fallen leaves into valuable paper. This inspiring story revolves

around the Re-Leaf startup, spearheaded by the 19-year-old entrepreneur.

Originally a science project, Re-Leaf Paper has evolved into a thriving initiative based in

Zhytomyr, Ukraine. With the goal of reducing the environmental impact of paper production,

the startup extracts fiber from discarded leaves to manufacture paper bags and packaging.

Frechka's partnership with a local cardboard manufacturer has been instrumental in turning this vision into a reality.

Frechka explains the simplicity of the concept, stating that what is typically considered waste

can be repurposed or recycled. Leaves, often seen as a nuisance due to their carbon

emissions during decomposition, become a valuable resource in this innovative process.

Releaf Paper recently marked a significant milestone by producing its inaugural batch of

solid paper, derived from collected leaves in Kyiv and other cities. With plans for commercial

production on the horizon, the startup has gained recognition, including a spot on Forbes

Ukraine's prestigious list of the 30 most successful Ukrainians under 30.

The impact of Re-Leaf Paper is not limited to local acclaim. With an annual production capacity of approximately 2,000 tons, the company has attracted prominent global brands like L'Oréal, Weleda, Samsung, and Schneider Electric, who eagerly purchase their sustainable paper products.

Valentyn Frechka's innovative approach embodies the ideals of the global society,

showcasing how individuals can contribute to a more sustainable future by transforming

waste into valuable resources. Re-Leaf Paper's success story serves as an inspiration,

highlighting the power of innovative thinking and environmentally conscious


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Youtube credits: @valeo.fresko


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