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Companies invest in ecosystem restoration

Companies invest in ecosystem restoration
Companies invest in ecosystem restoration

Punta Cahuita, Guanacaste, March 1, 2024 – An international initiative aimed at restoring and protecting marine ecosystems was recently implemented in Punta Cahuita, Guanacaste.

The action, supported by 30 volunteers, saw the planting of 1500 coral fragments.

The project's goal is to revive the region's marine flora and fauna, which has suffered from climate change, pollution, and other factors. In addition to restoring the reefs, the project aims to unite people from different countries and backgrounds to address common challenges.

The project involved:

●      Tourism businesses: provided boats and diving equipment.

●      Hotel chains: provided volunteers with food and accommodation.

●      Environmental NGOs: coordinated the project and advocated for environmental protection.

●      Scientific and educational institutions: provided scientific and technical support.

The project's implementation is a significant step towards protecting marine biodiversity. Coral reefs not only provide a habitat for a multitude of fish and other marine life but also protect the coastline from erosion.

This initiative is an example of how the global sociey can come together to address critical issues. It contributes to SDG 14: Life Below Water, which aims to conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.



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