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A world of CARE

A world of CARE

Operating in over 100 countries, CARE International collaborates with local communities, governments, and NGOs to address pressing issues like poverty, hunger, gender inequality, and climate change. By tailoring solutions to the specific needs of each community, the organisation fosters lasting change that promotes self-sufficiency.

Through diverse programs, CARE has made significant strides in improving the lives of vulnerable populations. By championing education and access to healthcare, they create opportunities for marginalized individuals to break free from the chains of poverty.

Their unwavering commitment to gender equality has driven substantial progress in global goals and their initiatives challenge harmful norms and empower women and girls with education and economic opportunities, transforming communities from within.

CARE International's unwavering commitment to combat poverty, promote social justice, and drive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals is a powerful force for positive change. Through their impactful initiatives, tailored solutions, and dedication to empowering communities, CARE is making a lasting difference in the lives of millions.

Youtube credits: @CARE International


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