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Association of elderly people supports youngsters in need

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Association of elderly people supports youngsters in need

The Swiss association "die Tanten" (the aunts) helps people between the ages of 18 and 30 in difficult life situations. Now this association has been awarded for its work.

The aunts from Aargau in Switzerland are a very special association. They support those seeking help both financially and with an open ear, confidence and encouragement. For this, they were recently awarded the Women's Prize of the Aargau Catholic Women's Association.

"Time and again we meet young adults who need someone to believe in them, encourage them and give them confidence," the aunts explain the purpose of their association.

A total of 30 to 35 aunts participate in the association. The help that each one offers can be very different. Some are so-called "Päcklitanten" and send food parcels and a card with them. Others talk and listen. Still others give money. But mostly, young people need a listening ear and a nudge.

"My aunt, but also I, have repeatedly encountered young people in shortages in my life," reports Josefine Krumm, one of the founders, "people who are not exactly helped by a public agency."

The association has existed since 2014 and does between 15 and 25 outreaches a year.

"Young people who are struggling with expensive dentist bills, who can no longer concentrate on their studies because of this, who are losing courage, sometimes they just need a bridge. We help then. It doesn't have to be a happy ending,“ says Josefine Krumm.

The assignments are often short-term and uncomplicated. However, those who need longer support are then referred to public assistance and counselling services. Because of this tireless work, the aunts have now been honoured by the Aargau Catholic Women's Association. The prize awarded to the association is worth 20,000 Swiss francs.

Helping others isn't only good for others and a good thing, it also makes us happier and healthier and can reduce stress levels in some cases. Giving connects us to others, strengthens community, and helps create a happier society for all. And it's good for the global society!

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