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Biotechnology business finds sustainable solutions for global food problem

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Biotechnology business finds sustainable solutions for global food problem

Alejandro Ortega and Daniela Arias established the biotechnology business Sibö in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2021.

For the owners of this business, who were raised in Costa Rica, nature was by far the most significant thing that mattered to them. They packed their bags and left their country and family five years ago after realizing that the same food was now destroying the globe and their loved ones. They did this to become the change that the world needed.

The business now creates powerful technologies that make it possible to separate healthy components from insect-derived biomaterials. They are actively bridging the gap between insects and food today, playing a significant part in the protein transition.

They are able to analyze the billions of protein structures using data science and machine learning, which will help the industry develop more quickly and unleash the potential of insects. Additionally, they find novel biomaterials and components from the more than 2000 different edible insect species. Insect proteins are the most practical option available because they are the most effective, healthiest, and environmentally friendly.

The ultimate goal is to connect food corporations with insect manufacturers worldwide and to coordinate their efforts.

“I am a dreamer but I am not the only one, we are a team of passionate professionals with international perspectives and multidisciplinary backgrounds that share one common goal, creating a company that will change the status quo forever . We are a bold team that has and will continue to defy the odds for people like us“, say the owners Daniela & Alejandro.

The philosophy and foundation of the organization are based on sustainability. Everyone should have access to an understandable, transparent, and sustainable source of nutrition. No more harmful substances or biomaterials that disrupt the ecology while being unknown.

The company puts a lot of effort into comprehending the potential of natural components and releasing it in the safest manner.

The company’s dedication: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At the heart of the Sibö's conception and development are the SDGs: technology with a purpose.

In response to "Zero Hunger," they encourage food manufacturers to provide more affordable, healthier products.

By employing a 100-circular method, they enable "responsible consumption and production" and allow for the use of the entire insect.

Sibö also pledges to use recycled water in all processes, eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, and adhere to a fully circular process strategy. By 2030, the operation will be carbon positive as a result of everything. With their ecosystem development strategy, they raise revenue, create jobs, expand diversity, and provide everyone with access to technology.

Sibö is a good example of a sustainable company that looks for solutions in the places no one else does by using FoodTech and BioTech together.

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