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Children reading to animals

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Children reading to animals

The Berlin animal protection association was distinguished for its reading assistance project "children read cats". This was announced by the „Berlin Animal Welfare Society“.

In the initiative, children with reading difficulties read to cats in the animal shelter. The reason: Not every child finds reading under adult supervision easy. At the animal shelter, the children are supposed to practice reading in a relaxed atmosphere and thus improve their skills.

The cats are pleased in return about the human company and gain confidence, it is said in a message. According to the animal welfare activists, studies have shown that rhythmic voices have a calming effect on cats. So both animal and human apparently benefit from the project. The idea originated in the USA.

Animals have great emotional potential: they radiate warmth, security and trust. In a community, this strengthens the sense of belonging and improves communication. Animals also promote attention and concentration.

Animals do not speak, they are not resentful, they are not interested in current sensitivities, strengths or weaknesses of a person. They accept him just as he is. For children, this unconditional appreciation is a positive experience. Animals are versatile in therapy, thanks to different species, breeds and traits, they can produce a variety of desirable effects.

Even if no resounding therapeutic success is to be expected, thanks to the use of animals barriers are always overcome in the affected children and desirable effects are achieved.

Animal-protected therapy is an alternative treatment method that does not require the use of medication.Even if other treatment methods have remained ineffective, thanks to the use of animals often a treatment progress can be achieved and additionally a progress in the achievement of alternative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals can be recorded.


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