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Blueprint: Hope House

Blueprint: Hope House
Blueprint: Hope House

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, Hollywood actor Christian Bale has laid the foundation for 12 foster homes that will provide housing and support for hundreds of transitioning teenagers in California.

The project, named "Hope House," is the brainchild of the Jenesys Foundation, established by Bale and his wife Sibi Blažić.

Construction of the 12 homes on a 4.67-acre site in Palmdale, California has already begun. The homes will accommodate 6-8 children each and will feature common areas for recreation, learning, and developing social skills.

"Hope House" will be a safe and stable environment for transitioning teenagers who often face difficulties and risks upon leaving the foster care system.

Bale and his foundation hope "Hope House" will serve as a model for other similar projects across the country.

This project is another inspiring example of how individuals can use their resources and influence to make a positive difference in the world.

Beyond funding the project, Bale is deeply involved in its implementation, representing an active member of the global society that actively shapes a better future.



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