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Empowering change: Plan International's fight to end child marriage

Empowering change: Plan International's fight to end child marriage

Children’s rights and equality for girls - since its establishment in 1937, Plan International has been a tireless global organisation dedicated to promoting children's rights and lifting millions of children out of poverty. With a strong focus on gender equality, the organization seeks to empower children and young people, ensuring they can reach their full potential and shape a brighter future.

By actively engaging children and young people in the development and implementation of projects, Plan International ensures that their voices are heard and their needs are met. The organisation works to provide quality education to children, especially girls, who often face barriers in accessing education. Plan International promotes healthcare services, aiming to improve child and maternal health, thereby reducing preventable deaths and ensuring healthier communities.

The organisation is committed to ending child marriage, which is a violation of children's rights and perpetuates cycles of poverty and gender inequality. Through awareness campaigns and community engagement, the organization strives to create environments where girls can grow up free from the risk of early marriage.

Plan International's efforts align with the principles of a global society that values inclusivity, equality, and human rights. By empowering children and youth, fostering gender equality, and promoting sustainable development, Plan International contributes to building a more just and prosperous world for all.

By prioritizing children's well-being, education, and health, the organization paves the way for a brighter future, where every child can thrive and fulfill their potential.

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