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Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship

Global Society & Global Goals
Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship

Two years are a long time, especially when our future is on the line. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the globe to suffer severe economic and social harm, but it has also spurred an extraordinary outpouring of creative solutions, a new spirit of collaboration, and unlikely partnerships that inspire optimism. One such project is the Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, formerly known as the COVID Response Alliance, from the World Economic Forum.

The largest multi-stakeholder coalition in the field, hosted by a global organization, is the Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship. The Alliance and its 100 members, including businesses, investors, philanthropists, governmental agencies, academic institutions, and representatives from the media and industry, are in a unique position to support the growth of the social innovation movement. The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is the organization that hosts the Global Alliance.

The Global Alliance's members collaborate to:

Gain knowledge and insights.

Leaders in social entrepreneurship can access various viewpoints and strategic intelligence through the Forum's networks and platforms, facilitating group growth.

Develop and implement collective agendas

Work with the group's members to implement action plans at the level of quality, scope, and speed needed to support social entrepreneurs.

Boost the sector's impact

Organize relationships for effect by utilizing the influence of the World Economic Forum community on behalf of social innovators .

Alliances can be found globally at every level, depending on focus and issue area. Even far from government alliances, gatherings of civil society joining forces for new innovations can be found.


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