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Leslie Dart plants almost 372,000 trees during the summer

Leslie Dart plants almost 372,000 trees during the summer

“There were some days that we were planting through a heat wave, so we had like 37-to-40-degree [Celsius] weather for several days straight, and that was really difficult,” said Leslie Dart, Canadian student and a tree planters enthusiast.

On seedling after time – desolate landscapes turn into lush forests when Leslie Dart and her fellow tree planters work tirelessly, transforming barren grounds into thriving havens of greenery.

In an awe-inspiring display of dedication, Leslie Dart planted an incredible 4,545 trees in just one day amidst a burnt landscape in Saskatchewan. Her remarkable efforts have garnered massive attention, with a TikTok video of her work going viral, reaching 8.7 million views. But that's not all – Dart has planted a mind-boggling total of 372,290 trees during her college summer breaks.

She's not alone in this endeavor, as tree planting is a popular summer job for college students in Canada, with British Columbia implementing strict reforestation regulations. Despite the challenging conditions, Dart and others find the work incredibly rewarding, with tree planting becoming a transformative experience for some, like veteran planter Kenny Chaplin, who even set a Guinness World Record.

British Columbia has strict reforestation rules that force logging companies to plant trees every summer. To compensate for the damage caused by wildfires, there are also remediation initiatives.

Since 2017, 1.6 billion trees have been planted in the province, with more than 200 million seedlings being planted each year, according to the British Columbia Ministry of Forests. They utilize it as a tool to maintain the health of the ecosystem and refer to it as a "very large and important component" of forestry.

The dedication and impact of these tree planters have significantly contributed to maintaining a healthy environment and nurturing sustainable forests.

“You just really have to be prepared for everything, be open-minded, roll with the punches. It just makes you a stronger person mentally and makes you more adaptable and ready to take on the world,’’ says Dart.

Tiktok Credits: @lesliedart


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