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Safer surgery is saving lives

Safer surgery is saving lives
Safer surgery is saving lives

The Lifebox Foundation, established in 2011 as a global organization, is dedicated to enhancing patient safety in operating rooms worldwide. Its mission centers on decreasing the number of surgical procedure-related deaths and injuries in developing countries by providing medical personnel with straightforward yet efficient tools for safer surgeries.

One of Lifebox's primary offerings is the "Pulse Oximeter," a device attached to a patient's finger to monitor blood oxygen saturation during surgery. Despite its simplicity and affordability, this device plays a crucial role in identifying surgery-related complications and averting anesthesia issues.

Lifebox collaborates with local partner organizations to distribute these devices and offer training in their proper use. To date, Lifebox has disseminated over 25,000 Pulse Oximeters in more than 100 countries and conducted more than 12,000 training sessions.

This innovative endeavor holds great significance because it elevates patient safety in regions with limited resources. By arming medical personnel with effective yet uncomplicated tools, unnecessary fatalities and injuries can be prevented. Lifebox has demonstrated the potential for significant contributions to healthcare improvement through inventive solutions, particularly in places lacking the essential resources and tools to offer secure and effective healthcare on a sustainable basis.

The Lifebox Foundation serves as an exemplary instance of how an innovative non-governmental organization, operating within the global community, can contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (health and well-being). It achieves this by equipping medical staff in developing countries with straightforward, efficient tools for safer surgical procedures, thereby averting preventable deaths and injuries. By championing patient safety in resource-constrained settings, the Lifebox Foundation makes a valuable contribution to the enhancement of healthcare and the advancement of SDG 3.

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