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Safer operation rooms worldwide

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Safer operation rooms worldwide

The Lifebox Foundation is a global organization founded in 2011 to improve patient safety in operating rooms. The organization works to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to surgical procedures by equipping medical personnel in developing countries with simple but effective tools to perform surgical procedures more safely.

One of Lifebox's main products is the "Pulse Oximeter." This is a device that is placed on the patient's finger to monitor oxygen saturation in the blood during surgery. The Pulse Oximeter is a simple, inexpensive tool, but it can be lifesaving in detecting complications during surgery and preventing anesthesia problems.

Lifebox works with local partner organizations to distribute the devices and provide training on safe use. To date, Lifebox has distributed more than 25,000 Pulse Oximeters in over 100 countries and provided more than 12,000 training sessions.

This innovative initiative is significant because it helps improve patient safety in countries with limited resources. By equipping medical personnel with simple but effective tools, unnecessary deaths and injuries can be avoided. Lifebox has shown that it is possible to make a major contribution to improving healthcare through innovative solutions, especially in countries that lack the necessary resources and tools to provide safe and effective healthcare for the civil society in a sustainable way.

The Lifebox Foundation is an excellent example of how an innovative and non-governmental organization as part of the global society can help achieve SDG 3 (health and well-being) by equipping medical staff in developing countries with simple but effective tools to perform surgical procedures more safely and avoid unnecessary deaths and injuries. By promoting patient safety in countries with limited resources, the Lifebox Foundation is making a valuable contribution to improving healthcare and achieving SDG 3.

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