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Digital threads saving the old kilts

Marion Foster, a master kilt tailor, has transformed her profound knowledge and passion for kilt making into an innovative educational platform, the Askival of Strathearn Kilt College. This online institution is dedicated to preserving the traditional craft of kilt making, offering a comprehensive course and accreditation program accessible worldwide. The initiative directly contributes to SDG 4, Quality Education, by providing specialized knowledge and skills training in a field where formal education opportunities are rare.

Foster's interest in the realm of kilt making was piqued by a personal endeavor, which encouraged her to learn more about the art. Recognizing the scarcity of formal training opportunities, she meticulously created a curriculum that could be shared globally, leveraging digital technology to bridge geographical gaps. This endeavor ensures that the intricate skills and knowledge required for traditional kilt making are not lost but are instead passed on to future generations.

The Askival of Strathearn Kilt College operates entirely online, offering detailed tutorials and hands-on guidance through digital means. Foster's program is not just about learning to create kilts; it's an immersive experience into the history, techniques, and cultural significance of highlandwear. The online platform facilitates a unique learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds can engage with the material, interact with experts, and become part of a global community dedicated to the craft.


By offering this program, Foster addresses several key objectives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, it supports SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, by empowering participants to pursue careers in traditional highlandwear, either by setting up their own businesses, engaging in restoration work, or crafting bespoke kilts for special occasions.

The Askival of Strathearn Kilt College exemplifies how traditional crafts can be revitalized through modern technology, ensuring their survival and relevance in the 21st century. Through her vision and commitment, Marion Foster not only protects a treasured part of Scottish heritage, but she also offers important expertise and knowledge that supports sustainable development and global cultural preservation.


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