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Youtuber donates thousands of shoes to pupils in need

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Youtuber donates thousands of shoes to pupils in need

Popular YouTuber with nickname MrBeast recently posted a new video to his channel describing how he and his sponsor Letric eBkes helped provide thousands of kids with their first pair of shoes so they could go to school every morning.

The acts of solidarity MrBeast displays on his YouTube channel have made him well-known. In the final one, we can witness how he provided the first pair of shoes to 20,000 African children. It will mark a before and after for them, who must travel huge distances every day, as well as a significant increase in their quality of life.

Their initial pair of footwear

In the film, MrBeast informs viewers that "going barefoot to school is the only choice due to tremendous poverty in rural towns, which means they have to trek kilometers of difficult terrain, broken glass, and dirty water." MrBeast disclosed that his group took a plane to South Africa where he looked for a nonprofit organization called Barefoot No More.

Shoes made by Barefoot No More are comfortable, enduring, and made using cutting-edge materials. The influencer calls them "the perfect seamless shoe." To locate the kids that needed assistance the most, his team took a plane to Cape Town. There they met Gabriella and Roswell, two high school teachers in a little village.

Roswell explained how one of the main issues with education is actually "getting kids to school," while Gabriella noted that her students have to "travel kilometers" every day. "With all the thorns and needles [in the ground], it can be difficult; if I were you, I wouldn't go to school. I am an excellent teacher, but I cannot teach anyone "And Roswell.

Shoes to pursue a degree

According to Mr. Beast, nine different schools in the area received the shoes when they arrived. As the sneakers became known, the schools were "totally filled" with young people anxious to purchase their first pair of shoes.

One of the basic requirements that most of us take for granted was again met when MrBeast saw these children wearing their first pair of shoes. Gabriella continued, "Using something as simple as a pair of school shoes to enhance the lives of my pupils is really hard for most people to understand."

Rowsell said that if you hadn't seen their first pair of shoes, you may have assumed that these youngsters had received an Xbox or PlayStation instead. He said, pointing, "What you've done here at my school is really great.

Many South African pupils in rural areas must walk more than 20 kilometers daily to and from school, according to data from the Harvard Human Rights Program from 2015. They travel over rough mountains and raging rivers. They travel through hazardous weather and on hazardous routes. They endure bodily harm and emotional harm.

MrBeast's efforts to provide thousands of African children with their first pair of shoes highlights the importance of SDG #1: No Poverty and SDG #4: Quality Education. His act of solidarity and generosity towards these children not only helps alleviate poverty but also ensures that they have access to education. MrBeast's contribution is a significant step towards achieving the SDGs, and his example is an inspiration for otherpeople of the global society that are interested in creating a more equitable and just world.


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