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“We’re an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-centred renewable energy for all,” - says

The organization works on grassroots initiatives all over the world, utilizing "people power" - individuals coming together to work toward a shared objective-to undermine the infrastructure and power of the fossil fuel industry and to empower just and clean systems.

By collaborating with frontline communities, the organization seeks to address climate challenges in a way that is fair and equitable, ensuring that the most affected voices are heard and protected. operates on a global scale, fostering collaboration among diverse communities, organizations, and governments. By uniting people from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, exemplifies the idea that global challenges require collective action, reflecting the spirit of the global society.

The organisation actively campaigns to transition away from fossil fuels and embrace clean energy sources. By promoting distributed renewable energy, they aim to create a more sustainable world, one that is not dependent on finite and harmful fossil fuels.

Through grassroots campaigns, climate justice advocacy, and the mobilization of people power, the initiative embodies the ideals of the global society. Their ability to bring millions onto the streets in protest demonstrates the immense power of collective action.

By empowering individuals to make their voices heard, exemplifies how ordinary citizens can create significant change, fostering a sense of global community and shared responsibility.

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