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Alliance created to clean oceans

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Alliance created to clean oceans

5 years ago, the organization "Gravity Wave" witnessed the invasion and pollution of seas and oceans by plastic after living in Asia for a few years. This experience awakened something in them and created the need to find a solution to plastic pollution in seas and oceans.

In November 2019, the idea of Gravity Wave was born, a social entrepreneurship project born not only from the need to contribute to the positive impact on the planet , but also from the passion to engage and build a team of people who want to change the world.

This project is about collaboration and joining forces with companies, organizations and individuals. Cleaning plastic from the Mediterranean Sea is possible thanks to Enaleia , our partners in Greece who have a network of traditional fishermen in the Mediterranean who clean plastic from the seabed and we compensate them for every kilo they collect.

Gravity Wave's mission is to transform 100% of the cleaned plastic waste from the Mediterranean Sea into high quality products. In this part of the project, they rely on CMPLASTIK , with whom they work to produce very special materials and unique finishes that they develop for their partners.

About Enaleia

The reduction of fish stocks and plastic pollution in the ocean are two issues that Enaleia, a nonprofit social company, is solving.In order to transform the fishing industry for a greener future, they impart fishing techniques that protect local fish populations and eliminate the mountains of plastic that litter the world's oceans. Their goal is to combat both overfishing and plastic pollution in order to protect the marine ecosystem.

About CMplastik

CMplastik's main objective is to contribute with its activity to the promotion of a Circular Economy based on the minimization of the use of virgin materials, and to contribute to the preservation of the environment. For each of our products, we issue a company certificate that confirms the type of origin of the raw materials used to manufacture each product. If our customers have any plastic waste, we help them to revalue it and use it as raw material for their products, achieving a circular economy.

In saving the world's oceans, there are also helpful alliances of organizations or individuals coming together to clean up the ocean with original and sustainable innovations.


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