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Barefoot College International: it starts with the sun

3,500 rural women have been trained in solar technology, spanning across 93 countries where Barefoot Solar Programs operate.

Barefoot College International: it starts with the sun
Barefoot College International: it starts with the sun

It focuses on teaching solar technology installation and maintenance to rural women with little to no formal education.

This endeavor fosters self-reliance, livelihood advancement, and ecological sustainability by equipping these women with critical skills and knowledge. The result is broader access to renewable energy for communities, decreased carbon emissions, economic empowerment, and an improved quality of life.

Identifying and training local women, often grandmothers, from rural regions to become "Solar Mamas", the organization empowers them with expertise to establish and manage solar-powered systems in their communities. These extraordinary women serve as agents of transformation, illuminating remote villages with clean, sustainable solar energy, replacing harmful kerosene lamps.

At the core of progress lies education, and Barefoot College champions its holistic development. Through community learning hubs, the organization nurtures a culture of lifelong learning, fostering creativity and innovation. Beyond education, the College actively advocates for renewable energy policies and community-driven development, propelling the adoption of sustainable practices on a wider scale.

Barefoot College's ethos centers on empowering women. By training and elevating women as Solar Mamas and community leaders, the organization challenges conventional gender norms and advances gender parity. Empowered women transcend societal limitations, catalyzing positive change within their families and communities.

Barefoot College's unwavering commitment to sustainability and social betterment embodies the essence of global citizenship. By harnessing solar energy's potential, nurturing local expertise, and embracing gender equality, the organization sets a truly inspiring example for us all.


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