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Behind the scenes with George Clooney: how The Sentry champions peace and human rights

Behind the scenes with George Clooney: how The Sentry champions peace and human rights
Behind the scenes with George Clooney: how The Sentry champions peace and human rights

The Sentry, founded in 2016 by George Clooney and John Prendergast, stands as an investigative and policy powerhouse, dedicated to unveiling the truth behind conflict-driven networks that flourish through ruthless kleptocracy and repression.

This organization stands as a force for investigation and policy, aiming to reveal the hidden realities of networks driven by conflict that thrive through oppressive corruption and repression. At its heart, The Sentry operates with a steadfast conviction that true justice can only flourish when responsibility becomes woven into the very fabric of society. But their mission goes beyond mere revelation – equipped with tangible proof, they rally governments, banks, and law enforcement bodies to hold these wrongdoers and their accomplices answerable.

This mission is a significant effort, working hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the global community has embraced. Through their relentless pursuit of truth, The Sentry contributes to the realization of these goals by tackling corruption, fostering peace, and advocating for human rights. They acknowledge that the path to progress is lined with challenges, yet they persistently march forward, driven by the aspiration to mend the very tapestry of civil society.

By harnessing advanced technology and partnering with both local and international civil society organizations, journalists, and governments, they painstakingly follow the path of money that drives abhorrent deeds and atrocities against humanity. By dissecting open-source data and conducting on-the-ground research, they provide invaluable insights that empower regulators, policymakers, and law enforcement to take effective measures.

Through partnerships with global banks, private corporations, and governmental entities, The Sentry has succeeded in disrupting the financial conduits of corrupt networks. Assets have been frozen, pathways of money laundering exposed, and access to the global financial system denied to those who exploit human suffering for personal gain. These endeavors, rooted in the pursuit of justice, are gradually reshaping the incentive structures that perpetuate violence and oppression.

With a steadfast commitment to unveiling the truth, The Sentry emerges as a genuine proponent of worldwide justice, serving as a reminder that even in challenging times, the pursuit of a more promising world remains resilient and unwavering.

Youtube credits: @ENOUGHproject

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