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Blue Action Fund: a lifeline for the ocean

Blue Action Fund: a lifeline for the ocean
Blue Action Fund: a lifeline for the ocean

The next ten years are crucial for a healthy ocean. The urgency is unmistakable - the world is united in its determination to confront climate change and prioritize the well-being of our oceans like never before. This strong commitment is motivating Blue Action to step up and address the significant tasks ahead.

Blue Action Fund's mission mirrors the yearning for equilibrium in our world. Envisioning a meticulously managed ocean brimming with thriving marine life, the organization is dedicated to a balanced environment that benefits both humanity and the natural world. Rooted in practicality, their mission strives to enhance the management and utilization of coastal and marine ecosystems. By safeguarding marine biodiversity for generations to come, the organisation concurrently improves the lives of present-day local communities.

By strategically awarding grants to NGOs active in developing nations, Blue Action Fund's mission gains traction. The organization's belief in the potential of nature-based solutions underscores its advocacy for a triple bottom line - conserving biodiversity, boosting sustainable livelihoods, and adapting to climate change.

With a budget of €118,567,894, the Fund's impactful efforts have touched the lives of over 371,000 beneficiaries. Through 24 grants across 19 countries, the organization has made a substantial difference in conserving our oceans and improving the livelihoods of coastal communities, setting a remarkable example for global conservation efforts.

In a mere five years since its inception, the organisation has evolved into a worldwide frontrunner in marine conservation. Acknowledged for its pioneering approach to bridging the funding gap for ocean protection, the organization serves as a beacon of optimism for a healthier ocean and a more promising future for all.

As the next decade unfolds, Blue Action Fund stands as a compelling testament to the potency of collective action and unwavering determination. Through their resolute dedication to the well-being of oceans and the prosperity of coastal communities, the organization propels us toward a future where the oceans flourish, and humanity thrives.

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